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June 01 2015

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Japantag 2015 - Düsseldorf
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May 10 2015

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December 11 2014

November 24 2014

Need to try this technique
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November 07 2014

“Akame Ga Kill!” Character Popularity Ranking
>Even the dead are more popular than the MC. What a loser
>>Even if he’s dead, he will remain at the bottom.
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November 03 2014

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October 27 2014

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Fact of the day.
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November 30 2012

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May 03 2012

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April 30 2012

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April 19 2012

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March 13 2012

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March 12 2012

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March 07 2012

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February 10 2012

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January 01 2012

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December 23 2011

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